source: source/ariba/utility/addressing/rfcomm_endpoint.cpp@ 7533

Last change on this file since 7533 was 5284, checked in by mies, 15 years ago

+ added new transport modules and adapted ariba to them
+ exchange endpoint descriptors an link establishment
+ clean up of base communication
+ link establishment with in the presence of multiple endpoints
+ local discovery for ipv6, ipv4 and bluetooth mac addresses

File size: 310 bytes
2#include "rfcomm_endpoint.hpp"
4namespace ariba {
5namespace addressing {
7const uint16_t rfcomm_channel_address_info::type_id = 0xFE02;
8const std::string rfcomm_channel_address_info::type_name = "rfcomm-channel";
9const std::string rfcomm_endpoint::protocol_name = "rfcomm";
11}} // namespace ariba::addressing
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