An Overlay-based
Virtual Network Substrate

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#60 PeriodicBroadcast bootstrap module crashes mayer defect critical Foundation 0.3.0
#39 Fix to new gcc headers for gnu extensions somebody defect major Foundation 0.1.0
#44 Some missing functionality in special Link handling mayer defect major Foundation 0.1.0
#59 Enable Application to select bootstrap modules mayer task major Foundation 0.3.0
#61 onLinkFailed never called mayer defect major Foundation 0.3.0
#62 Fix Base Overlay mies defect major Deployment
#64 Serialization Doc mayer defect major Deployment
#65 Remaining Doc mayer defect major Documentation
#68 Ariba Timer Objekte löschen muss auch pending Messages löschen mayer defect major Foundation
#41 Inconsistent link/qos/sec property classes mayer defect minor Foundation 0.1.0
#58 Unused DataMessage in Node::establishLink mayer defect minor Foundation 0.3.0
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