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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#33 Create test environment using Boost.Test new stud-veber major Deployment
#43 Add application layer buffers to increase robustness during mobility new mies major Foundation
#2 Inefficient Timer Class new stud-veber minor Utility
#10 Port simulation support for OMNet++ 4.0 new somebody minor Foundation
#11 Port simulation support for OverSim new somebody minor Foundation
#12 Imlement DHT service above BaseOverlay new mies minor Release of 0.5.0 Foundation
#17 State automatas and error handling new somebody minor Foundation
#22 Email Notification using Trac new somebody minor Deployment
#32 Use Boost.StateChart for all protocols new somebody minor Foundation
#34 Java Interface for Ariba new stud-heetfeld minor Foundation
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