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Ariba on Android

Running Ariba on Android platforms using the NDK is quite easy. We have ported the Ariba source accordingly so it currently works directly with the trunk version. Further we provide a set of scripts that simplfy set up of the NDK, patches to the SDK, and compiling scripts.

Make sure you have ruby installed, it is required by the droid-wrapper scripts that we use.

mkdir ariba-android
cd ariba-android
svn co  ./ariba
svn co ./toolchain
cd toolchain
cd ../ariba

You can find a script in the toolchain/ folder together a description of adb required to transfer files using USB to the mobile device. On the mobile device, use a program as [ttps:// ConnectBot] which gives you a shell on the device to run the executable.

The runtime environment is not the managed Java environment, but it runs directly on the device using the Android NDK. To develop GUI-based apps you have to build a normal Java Android App and use inter process communication, e.g. using JNI to communicate with the Ariba-based application, see the NDK sample applications.

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